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About Me

Reiner Pittinger Portrait

Grüß Gott! My name is Reiner Pittinger,
I am a freelancer working in Berlin
and I do iOS development spiced-up with web technologies.

My short profile is also available as PDF: Reiner Pittinger Short Profile (PDF, German).

First a Developer, Second a Designer

Code + Design

I am a native in the world of code and design: I studied at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg and graduated in design and computer sciences:

  • Dipl. Informatiker (FH) Multimedia
  • Dipl. Designer (FH) Multimedia

I like more to dive into code than to dive into Photoshop layers. However, I know not only how to use design tools, but also how to to talk to and understand designers and build the bridge with the development team.

Personal Profile

  • Age: born in 1982
  • Location: Berlin, Munich*
  • Employment: freelancer

Currently I work at the CodeKollektiv co-working space.

Key skills

Including, but not limited to

  • iOS Development: Objective-C, Cocoa, Xcode
  • Web Technologies: eloquent JavaScript, HTML, CSS, …
  • Software Architectures, User Interface Design, User Experience, Scrum, Documentation
  • Design: Photoshop, Illustrator,…
  • Tools: git, svn, mercurial, Jira, Confluence…
  • Ambitions: Ruby, Rails, SproutCore, Windows Phone/Windows 8, XNA, Cocos2D, OpenGL …

Work experience

For a list of my previous employers, please refer to my Xing page.

Short sum-up

My “company” digital wave was founded back in 1999 where I started webdesign as a sideshow to becoming adolescent.

After my graduation I started working in 2008 at Neofonie as a frontend developer, where my focus was CSS and JavaScript.

In the beginning of 2010, I started work on a large-scale iPad project for a major german magazine. Although the app was never published, I learned to work in big teams (7 - 30 members), with tight deadlines and from excellent programmers.

In August 2010 I became a freelance developer and started at textunes, a Berlin-based startup for eBooks. For more details on my projects there, visit the Projects page.


* I do live in Berlin. However, I come from the Munich region and can accomodate myself there. Jobs based in/around Munich-based must allow for remote-working.